EMG Consulting - Strategy with Execution
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EMG Consulting - Strategy with Execution

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2758 Afton Valley Court
Maineville, Ohio 45039

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Phone: (513) 807.2068
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EMG Consulting Approach

The key to achieving superior value enhancement is focusing aggressively on the correct strategic, operational, technical, and financial leverage points.  These points vary from client to client based upon the state of the client’s business position – e.g., emerging, growing, maintaining status quo, distressed etc. – and based upon the client’s business goals and objectives. 

We identify, understand, and address each leverage point individually and in relation to each other to ensure a comprehensive and synergistic solution.
EMG Consulting’s consultants are active change agents, with an array of skills that allow us to craft the best, unique solution for each client.  We do not bring a “one solution fits all” mentality to our projects.   We will facilitate / implement the improvement changes required for client success.

Finally, when we take on a project, we perform it with our sleeves rolled up.  Our clients do not have time or resources to waste on “fly by” analyses and textbook recommendations.  We work side-by-side with our clients at all levels in their organizations, from the boardroom to the stockroom.   


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