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IT Strategy and Transformation

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IT Strategy and Transformation

In today’s market, most businesses are heavily reliant on their information technology (IT).  As a result of this, IT risk has become more pervasive and critical to businesses and their ongoing viability than ever before. 

With IT becoming a greater priority and risk area, business executives and corporate boardrooms are focusing more and more on sponsoring IT initiatives, as well as working to mitigate the risk of those initiatives.  In doing so, this helps ensure that the infrastructure that the company sits on is effectively supporting the core aspects of each business, while also limiting the overall exposure of IT security and compliance risk areas. 

At EMG Consulting, we can assist company executives and stakeholders in designing and implementing and IT strategy approach, while managing issues and compliance requirements in the most cost effective manner.  Examples of our services include:

  • IT Strategy – We assist C-Suite executives with the formulation of strategic goals and approaches to managing their information technology, such that stakeholder requirements and company mission statements are achieved. 
  • IT Process Improvement – We realize that with the ever increasing focus on IT, that companies are looking to streamline IT processes to improve efficiency while controlling costs.  We incorporate a variety of strategies and methodologies into our IT Process Improvement approach, including Business Process Management (BPM), Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Change Management, Six Sigma and more. 
  • IT Project Management – We assist companies with the defining of key attributes necessary for success of IT projects, as well as assisting with the overall project management of such projects, ensuring that project deliverables, goals and timelines are achieved. 
  • Strategic Systems Selections - Althoughout often initially engaged to assist our clients from either the C-Suite or IT areas of the organization, System Selections are an organization-wide initiative that EMG specializes in.  To learn more about our Strategic Systems Selections service offering, please following this link >> Strategic Systems Selections

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