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Business Process Transformation

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Business Process Transformation

EMG Consulting has helped clients with Business Process Transformation (BPT) years before this term became vogue.   Our founder was at the forefront of the Just-In-Time movement (JIT), which was misappropriated from waste elimination into inventory reduction primarily by the auto industry, and which is migrated into Lean.  He was at the forefront of the Total Quality Management (TQM) movement which migrated into Six Sigma.  EMG has performed many Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) engagements.  All this to make the point that BPT is frankly a new name for many tried and true process improvement methods.  If there is anything relatively new about Business Process Transformation, it is the stronger focus on the information systems and technology that enable many transformation initiatives. 

In additions to the “hard” skills of process value analysis, the Six Sigma DMAIC method, statistical validation of changes, etc., EMG brings the ability to integrate the human aspects of Change Management into Transformation engagements.  We recognize that most employees are not afraid of the changes themselves, they are afraid of how the changes affect their ability to do their work as they knew it and how they will be evaluated and rewarded in the future.  In other words, they are afraid of the unknowns, not so much the “knowns” that are clearly defined in the process and technology changes.

Our BPT services are always accomplished with the outcome in mind of reduced costs, enhanced revenues, and/or increased customer value from our client to their customers.  In other words, the Transformation outcomes must produce a meaningful return to our client.  However, there are some Business Process Transformations that are forced upon our clients.  For example industries that are heavily regulated, such as the financial services industry, are forced into Transformations in order to not only improve their bottom lines, but to comply with the changing “rules of the game.” 

Finally, our Business Transformation Services integrate business process changes and the appropriate technology enablers for a synchronized change in the way our client accomplishes its operations. Part of our Strategic Systems Selections service offering encompasses the proper identification of critical business processes, mapping of said processes and re-engineering / transformation of those processes as the organization grows and expands.  See our Strategic Systems Selections page for furhter information about our methodology and approach.

Feel free to contact us directly for questions regarding our process transformation services.


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