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Strategic Planning and Execution

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Strategic Planning and Execution

EMG helps its clients create meaningful and actionable business strategies.  The value of a strategy is directly related to organization’s ability, willingness and commitment to implementation.  That is why EMG stays focused throughout the strategy development process on both the “what” and the “how” of the strategy contents.  In other words, we are Outcome Focused. 

Strategies are key to determining how and when to optimize valuable resources.  Strategies need timelines that are relevant to the stage of growth of the company, and which consider likely external factor, which are changes in market, government, technology, and financial environments.

We work with clients to develop overall business strategies, marketing strategies, operations / supply chain strategies, and information technology strategies.  We have methodologies that are tailored to each strategy endeavour, including one that brings them all together to ensure synthesis across the entire organization. 

Below is our proprietary “The 16 Essential Questions for Business Strategy.”

Assessment Questions

  1. Who are the constituents whose needs must be satisfied and why?
  2. What are the their needs that must be satisfied, today and in the future?
  3. What results are being delivered today and why?
  4. What current organization vision, mission, strategy and design yield those results?
  5. What are the external factors that impact the organization's current performance and future success? (External factors encompass market, government, technology, competitor, etc. changes)
  6. What are the major gaps between current results delivered and the needs that must be satisfied today and in the future?

Evaluation / Insight Gained Questions

  1. What value will we receive from meeting these needs by filling the gaps?
  2. What knowledge and wisdom have we gained? Is it enough for now?
  3. What is the compelling reason to change now?

Value Creation and Strategy Questions

  1. What vision, value proposition, and organization performance must we embrace to satisfy constituent needs and create a competitive advantage today and in the future?
  2. What is our business strategy to execute this vision?
  3. What strategic organization changed and improvements must be adopted to achieve this strategy?
  4. What projects and plans are necessary to make these changes and improvements?

Impact Analysis Question

  1. What is the financial and organizational impact? Is it right?

Implementation Questions

  1. How will we successfully align the organization and implement major change?
  2. How will we monitor progress and embed strategy in the culture?

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