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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management

The president and founder of EMG Consulting has been at the forefront of optimizing supply chains since the late 1980’s.  He has worked with world-class leaders in developing methodologies and implementing operational improvements in the areas of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma/TQM, Logistics, and Supply Chain Network designs.   He was a pioneer in Demand Planning and Supply Chain synchronization before these became common terms and methods used in the supply chain arena.

EMG approaches a supply chain issue with a holistic perspective to avoid sub-optimizing a segment of the supply chain that could disrupt the overall effectiveness of the whole.  We use a data driven approach so that operations improvement designs and implementations are based upon facts, not personal bias or erroneous perceptions.  Our services always employ best practices in SCM, Lean, and Six Sigma.

EMG’s goal is to lower costs and enhance the effectiveness of overall operations and the supply chain in a cost-effective manner that results in “reliable, sustainable, and predictable” performance.   We remain with our clients through the implementation, leading the change management effort as appropriate.

The supply chain and manufacturing services that EMG provides include the following:

  • Logistics Modeling, Planning, and Management to encompass:
    • Inventory Optimization, Management, and Control
    • Procurement / Sourcing
    • Material Handling and Storage
    • Transportation
    • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Operations Optimization to encompass:
    • Elimination of Non Value Adding activities
    • Pull and Visual systems (optimizing the use of ERP and kanbans)
    • Capacity Management / Asset Utilization Optimization
    • Production Planning and Scheduling Strategies to Optimize Throughput
  • Information Technology Evaluations, Selections, and Implementations:
    • Enterprise Systems (ERP)
    • Warehouse Management Systems, including Pick-to-Light and Pick-to-Voice


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